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As a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions, SRG Logistics has an extensive network within the Middle East in over 20 countries.



We work with all types of high risk clients, from governments, NGOs and multinationals through medium to small business and private individuals.

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SRG are a respected supplier of close protection officers and personal bodyguards, our worldwide portfolio includes protective services for Executives, VIP’s and global agencies

Team pedigree and experience

Synergy Resources Group is a family run business providing logistical, Training, security and distribution solutions and services. Founded in 2016 by Former British Soldiers, SRG has been at the forefront of solution based services that have ensured our clients’ businesses have improved and succeeded in their missions. SRG services are indeed global with customers and operations in all corners of the EMEA business zone.

SRG has an extensive database of Security and Logistical Consultants on call that allows fast, effective and professional provision of worldwide services. All personnel have both national and international ground experience with relevant Industry recognised qualifications and certification. 

SRG strive to ensure the establishment of local connections in all the countries of interest and future potential.

SRG provide a range of security and personnel training programmes, each custom-built around the client. We have experience working in both hazardous and inhospitable landscapes and have been engaged by multinational organisations and governments in Africa and the Middle East.

Our experienced ex-military team of trainers and consultants can offer insight, local staff training and knowledge transfer to ensure that we can work closely with your designated local workforce and equip them with working and practical knowledge for site and workforce protection, asset security guarding and staff safety for a range of circumstances.

Having spent 30 years as frontline military personnel SRG understand risk and how to mitigate it through careful planning and meticulous training, if you would like to engage our team (and you know where to find them…) contact us today.”

Local Knowledge

With experience in the UK, Middle East and Central Africa, our team have intimate knowledge of local practices and customs

Ex-military and Security Professionals

Rest assured that our experienced, certified and qualified team have all the skills for your needs

Life Support Specialists

Our logistical specialist division deliver practical and real-world proficiency in the life-cycle of life support setup, operations and maintenance. Founded and honed in some of the most dangerous, austere and inhospitable environments.

Personal and close protection

Our reserve of experienced, trained and highly qualified close protection personnel can effortlessly augment existing teams or respond to rapid deployment as self-contained units.

Synergy Resources Group is proud to support

Synergy Resources Group

Synergy Resources Group is a specialist security company providing consultancy, service support, resourcing and logistics for managing supply chain processes for clients internationally. Our experienced team members operate worldwide and have considerable experience in life support management, personnel protection and industrial and corporate security.;

Synergy is proud to be a member of the Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce, and part of the Bright Green Business partnership

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